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The WeAreLATech ‘Experience’ Club is a group of people in LA Tech who do offline activities together.

 Investors, engineers, founders, product managers, designers and so many more taking action in this city. Capacity at every activity ranges from 4-15 in order to create a dinner party like vibe where you leave the activity with high quality relationships.

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We produce 4-6 ‘Experiences’ every month and you can go to as many as you like. The concept is based on the saying ‘More business gets done at the bar than in a boardroom.’ That said, there will be no panels or mixers. We have enough of those.

Activities include clay pigeon shooting, hiking, wine and food tastings, go karts, escape rooms, drone flying, private flight lessons, surf lessons, horse back riding and the list goes on. Additionally, some activities will be curated by industry and others by role. The goal is to save you time making quality connections.

The 3 month pilot program kicked off in June 2015 and was a huge success.

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We are pilot test doing curated mini workshops. 

These workshops are 20 people or less in a comfy setting.

In May 2017 we have three;

1) “Growth Hacks to Grow a SAAS Business”
2) “How to Develop a Podcast for your Brand”
3) “Premium Tea Tasting” Learning about teas from a female founder who is a farm to consumer expert having her previous company acquired.

Our vision is to speak with you directly about who it is you’d like to learn from, or what topic do you want to lean more about and then to curate awesome mini workshops based on your specific interests. If this flows it will all be included with your ‘Experience’ Club membership and it will become part of the future of the Club. Activities + Curated Workshops.